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Estrela's Basilic, Lisbon, Portugal

Estrela's Basilic

A catholic temple and ancient carmelite convent located in Lisbon, Portugal. It was built by order of Queen Maria I of Portugal, as a fulfilled promise for giving birth to a son (José, Prince of Brazil). The official name of the church is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Estrela Basilica was the first church in the world dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Start of Construction : 1779
End of Construction: 1790
Opening: 1794

Oriente Museum

Located in Avenida Brasília, celebrates the history of Portuguese exploration with a collection of Asian artifacts. The museum opened in May, 2008, and is located in a refurbished industrial building on the Alcântara waterfront. The collection includes Indonesian textiles, Japanese screens, antique snuff bottles, crucifixes made in Asia for Western export, and the 650 works of art from Kwok On Collection as masks, costumes, and accessories.
Location: Avenida Brasília - Doca de Alcântara, Lisbon 1300-598, Portugal
Phone: (+351) 213585200

Oriente Museum, Lisbon, Portugal

Campo de Ourique Market, Lisbon, Portugal

Campo de Ourique Market

A dinning area, with canteen-style tables, opened in May 2014 and since then has become a gastronomic destination. It is located on the west side of the building on the ground floor and runs every day from 10am to midnight from Sunday to Wednesday and from 10am to 2am from Thursday to Saturday. It mixes banquets and chefs with several brands of national products, and the offer varies between seafood, nails, hamburgers, sushi and ice cream, among other specialties. In the center are the booths.

Estrela's Garden

The Estrela's Garden - also called Garden Guerra Junqueiro, is localized in front of the Estrela Cathedral. Its construction started in 1842. This garden has always been a trendy spot and, on the 70's is was known for having a lion inside a cage known as the "Lion of Estrela".

Estrela's Garden, Lisbon, Portugal

Nacional Museum of Art, Lisboa, Portugal

Nacional Museum of Art

The Nacional Museum of Art is the most important art museum hosting art from the 12th to the 19th centuries in Portugal, with the most important public collection of ancient art in the country. Its collections - about 40000 works - include European painting, sculpture, drawing and decorative arts, as well as collections of Asian art (India, China, Japan) and African (Afro-Portuguese) marbles representing the relationships established between Europe and the East following the voyages of discovery - begun in the fifteenth century, and Portugal was a pioneer nation.
The museum is located in a late 17th century palace, built by D. Francisco de Tavora, the first Count of Alvor. The palace is known as the Palace of Alvor-Pombal, because in 1759, after the Távoras Process, the building was bought at auction by Paulo de Carvalho and Mendonça, the brother of Marquês de Pombal, who, on the death of the former, became the owner of the palace. In 1879 the palace was rented and later acquired by the Portuguese state to install the National Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology, officially inaugurated on May 11, 1884.
Location: Rua das Janelas Verdes, 1249-017 Lisbon, Portugal
Phone: (+351) 213912800

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